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Kiran Institute of Career Excellence Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Satya Narayan Prasad (S.N. Prasad) has been the pillar of strength behind this mission with his distinguished view and unique vision. No wonder, he has earned a commanding reputation in the publication world.

Mr. S.N.Prasad has won several top awards in this industry. He has been awarded the Best Publisher Award by Ex. Chief Justice of Patna High Court, Sh. Bimal Chand Basak. The Life Time Achievement Award won by him twice has added yet another feather to his cap for his selfless and relentless contribution in the field of Publication. This highly distinguished award has been bestowed upon him by Ex-Minister of State for Education Hon’ble Sh. Upendra Kushwaha in 2018 and by Hon’ble Minister of Industries for Bihar, Sh. Sameer Kumar Mahaseth in 2022.

The ultimate mission of the Kiran Institute of Career Excellence & KICX is to transform the lives of the lowest strata of society through cost-effective quality materials to build a strong foundation for their career.

Our mission is to bring out and nurture the extraordinary potential in an average candidate hidden within them to ensure the optimal possible selection ratio by enhancing the skills of preparation for the competitive exams to the level of the precision of science.

We have planned, worked, and persisted with missionary zeal in order to raise and establish the Kiran Institute of Career Excellence as a national-level Publication and Institute by means of serving the students with the highest ethical standards.

Our experienced authors and highly qualified teachers have been working ceaselessly with the highest standard of dedication while preparing Books for the competitive exams and for lectures delivered to the students on our YouTube channel from where you can prepare for your exam.

Not only this, we have left no stone unturned in providing you with a lot of tips and tricks that help you in scientific preparation for exams in a manner and style to let you easily crack the toughest exams possible. Our highly certified teachers adopt a user-friendly strategy of content delivery to break every concept in its minutest detail to enable you to solve any complex problem. Along with teaching, we provide you with books that present the contents in-depth and in detail to enable you to comprehend, retain, and deliver the knowledge and information with a punch. This will easily help you understand and crack your exam.

If you are looking for Books, Online tests, or Online videos for the preparation for your competitive exam, then the Kiran Institute of Career Excellence is the best platform.

  • You can Purchase books of the Kiran Institute of Career Excellence through our website bookstree.in
  • For Online tests, you can Practice online through www.kicx.in
  • For Daily Current Affairs, you can log on to currenthunt.com


To establish the brand Kiran Institute of Career Excellence & KICX as a national level publication house and to make it a force to reckon with in the field of education by means of serving the students with the highest ethical standards.


To bring out the extraordinary in an ordinary aspirants to ensure the highest possible selection ratio by tanking the art of preparing for competitive examinations to the level of a science.

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